• Mirror Frames

    Code: MF01
    Type of Finish: Lacquer for the frame
    Material: MDF, Mirror
    Dimensions: 150 x 180cm
  • Night Lamp

    Code: NL01
    Type of Finish: Antique Texture Paint
    Material: MDF, New Burma Teakwood for the legs
    Dimensions: 116 x 30 dia cm
  • Bed Side Table

    Code: ST01
    Type of Finish: Lacquer, Silver Leafing
    Material: MDF
    Dimensions: 51 x 56 x 51cm
  • Centre Table

    Code: CT01
    Type of Finish: Lacquer, Silver, Gold or Copper Leafing
    Material: Teakwood, MDF
    Dimensions: 76 x 76 x 44cm
  • Coffee Table with Shelf

    Code: CF01
    Type of Finish: Veneer
    Material: Teakwood, Plywood
    Dimensions: 71 dia x 66cm
  • Colourful Stool

    Code: CS01 (big) / CS02 (small)
    Type of Finish: Lacquer
    Material: MDF
    Dimensions: 30 dia x 51cm (big)
    30 dia x 30cm (small)
  • Flamed Wood Mirror Panel

    Code: MF02
    Type of Finish: Burnt and Brushed effect to the frame
    Material: Teakwood, Plywood in bottom, Mirror
    Dimensions: 75 x 180cm
  • Light Stand

    Code: LS01, LS02
    Type of Finish: Veneer
    Material: Teakwood
    Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 120cm
  • Wooden Bottle Holder

    Code: BS01 (tall) / BS02 (small)
    Type of Finish: Lacquer
    Material: Teakwood, MDF
    Dimensions: 120 x 30cm (small)
    150 x 40cm (big)